Fine South Florida Real Estate Photography by Andrea Patassy

The Difference!

This example page shows the difference between a group of snapshots and professionally taken images of the very same property. The photos on the left side are from a prior listing. The images on the right were taken by me for the most recent listing which resulted in a very high number of showings and a successful sale.

Front of House Images:
“Curb Appeal” or the first impression a property makes on a potential buyer can certainly not be conveyed by an image shot through the window frame of a car.

Kitchen Images:
In most cases online photos represent the buyers first view of a home. In which kitchen would you rather cook in?

Living Room
Professional photography serves as powerful bait. High quality images will attract buyers and increase the number of showings a listing receives.

Master Bedroom
Low quality images or no images at all will go to the bottom of the stack when it comes to scheduling the showing trip.

Bathroom Images:
Capturing the right angles at the right time, especially in small areas like bathrooms can be a challenge. Here you can see the difference between a snapshot and a well planned composition. P.s. The person in the mirror on the left is definitely not me!